Is Ogoy free?

You can create your account for free. And I try to keep the basic functionality free, too. For a fair amount of usage. But Map data isn't free. Ayvri is offline because they couldn't afford to pay for the data usage without any paying users. I don't intend to make big money off this platform, but I need to pay the bills and, if possible, get paid for at least some of the the time I invest into this project. See Pricing for more details.

Why do I need an account?

Is it that big of a deal? It just makes a lot of things so much easier for me. Some boring tech stuff about security or abuse protection. And it's the only way for me to control your free amount of scenes to watch. But tracks and scenes created with an account on the Ultimate Plan with up to 3 tracks or created from organizations with a custom agreement can be watched without account.

I want to share my flights with someone who doesn't have an account

For that, you need an Ultimate account. With that, all your scenes with three or less tracks will be publicly available If you want bigger scenes to be publicly available (like competitions or group trainings), pleaase contact me, I can make you an offer.

Ich kann kein Englisch (I don't speek english)

Leider geht nicht alles aufs mal. Übersetzungen sind aber auf dem Plan. Allerdings ist Mehrsprachigkeit aktuell nicht die höchste Priorität. Bis dahin: Versuche es mal mit einem Übersetzungstool im Browser.

What can we expect in the future?

It's just me. One single developer. And I am just doing this as a hobby. I've spent far over a thousand hours to get the project this far and do not expect to get paid for that at all. However, I have a ton of ideas to incorporate and if I am not the only one who likes this page, I might implement a lot of features in the future. Let's just see.

I want feature X

Good for you! And maybe - just maybe, I like the idea. So just use the feedback form and send it to me. Or do you want to help me implement it? I can't pay you but I might use your code - just in case you want that. But get in touch before you start coding...

What is a Track?

A track is the representation of one uploaded *.igc file. It can be uploaded and displayed as a part of a scene. Since february 2024, there is no distinction between track and scene any more, on the start page. Your tracks have been converted to scenes with just on track (now called single scene).

What is a Scene?

A scene consists of one or more tracks and is the thing you can watch. You can create a scene by uploading tracks or by adding tracks from existing scenes. Or by a combination of both.

How can I Change my Email Address?

At the moment, you cannot do that by yourself. If it's really important to you, you can kindly ask me over the contact form to do it manually for you.

How can I Delete my Account?

Please send me a message over the contact form, then I will delete your account manually. Make sure your are logged in when sending the message, so I know it's really you.